Real Time Destination Arriving Notification. Location History.

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BirdieView provides the service for everyone to connect in the world without distance. BirdieView users can share and follow real-time locations, records on location history; send free text messages, photo messages with other users on iPhone®, Android™, Windows Phone, devices over 3G/4G or WiFi connections. BirdieView is constantly innovating by introducing new platforms and adding more new handy features including, geo-fence in-zone arriving notification, video messages, group chat, variety styles of theme, stickers, and emoticons.

BirdieView is developed by TrenDigi Tech, a startup founded in April 2012 by a group of passionate founders (geeks) who had sufficient experiences from Electronic Arts, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, Google Inc., and Telus Corporation.

TrenDigi Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012 with the concept of innovation in technology to develop apps on different mobile OS, to design cloud storage solutions, to provide enterprise integration, to perform marketing programs, and to cooperate with corporations.

The company was founded by the young generation with vitality to develop integrated services and goods to the market. Started by a few ex-EAers (Electronic Arts) and ex-Telusers (Telus Communications) from U.S.A. and Canada. TrenDigi Technology Co., Ltd. was perfectly formed with the attributes of young innovation, integrity, leading, and professional. These attributes are the spirit and the culture of TrenDigi.

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